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Distributors of bentonite
and salt products.

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Supporting a broad range
of commercial applications.

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Sourced from high-quality materials
to ensure consistency and reliability.

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About Us

H & H Clay was originally established in 1996 as H & H Environmental, and is now a second-generation family owned and operated business within the Grand Valley of Western Colorado.

We work closely with contractors, engineers, and land owners to not only preserve but to protect our ground water, surface water and soil by providing quality water retention and soil stabilizing products and services.

Since 1996 our product line has expanded dramatically allowing us to now offer a wider range of water retention and erosion control products.  As new technology is developed and new markets open, we will strive to constantly upgrade and expand our product line.

We feel strongly that good service is the most important asset we can offer you.

Our services include:

  • Installation Guidelines
  • Soil Permeability Testing
  • Pricing and Project Budget Estimates
  • Product Specifications, Samples and Data Information
  • Freight and Delivery Services

It is our prompt, professional and informative customer assistance that enables us to satisfy your needs in a timely and cost effective manner.